Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How Constellations Work: Life is a Persistent Phenomenon

When we are stuck in bad situations, experiencing dark emotions, or feeling broken and alone, we take for granted that it is “I” who suffers. The many thousands of Constellations done around the world suggest this psychological model is incomplete.

There is more to us than a unique human body, personal history and mind. Yes, we are our individual selves, but we are also the sum of experiences and memories that comprise our biological lineage. Our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents, and the countless ancestors behind them literally live on in our minds and bodies.

If you are dealing with a painful circumstance or emotion that refuses to improve, it is very likely to be much older than you. Instead of dissecting the actor’s brain, we need to understand the play.

Many scientists working at the edges of knowledge acknowledge the limitations of explaining the mind in terms of classical physics. Steve Grand in his book Creation: Life and How to Make It, writes, “To understand life, mind, consciousness, and soul, I believe we have to turn our intuitive interpretation of the world inside out.”

His analysis is consistent with the body of evidence I am gathering from Constellations. Human life is a persistent phenomenon, with an enduring memory and consciousness. While I cannot do justice to his ideas in this newsletter, he convincingly asserts that intelligence, mind, and memory are a wave in motion.

We cannot define our identity though the physical matter that comprises our brains. “Recall the story of the old craftsman who was very proud of his tools, ‘I’ve had this hammer forty years,’ he’d say. ‘Of course, in its time it has had two new heads and three new handles,’”

Is it the same hammer? Are you the same person you were at age 10? Not a single atom in your body today was there two decades ago. What survives in you that breathed and loved a century ago? What parts of your creation will live on in the hearts and memories of those you touch?

We may very well be a surviving life form that grows new heads and bodies as the old parts wear out. The practical meaning of this is that if you have a problem, situation, or feeling that refuses to get better, it may not be yours. It may be a remnant of an archaic memory that is much older than you. Gaining clarity about what happened and to whom makes problems evaporate or become much lighter.

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