Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How Constellations Work: Personal & Continuous Consciousness

Experience tells us that quick fixes and near miraculous healings are illusory or patently false. Do Constellations really provide profound and lasting benefits in only one or two sessions? If they do, what is a plausible explanation for how they work?

Constellations open a portal to a domain of consciousness that is well described in First People’s traditions, but nearly eradicated within the cosmology of science and technology. Everyone who accesses the Internet lives in an electronic universe. Here, the scientific consensus is humans perceive, transmit and receive information exclusively through the senses. Within this model, mind, memory, and behavior are individually unique. Consciousness = Brain.

Tens of thousands of Constellations worldwide suggest that this model is incomplete. There is another dimension of mind, memory, and behavior that is not our personal history. We cannot access it with the thinking mind, so we are easily convinced it doesn’t exist. However, when we open up the Constellation process, we clearly perceive another layer of being.

Nesting DollsBeside our personal history and learned consciousness, we contain a continuous history and consciousness. We are not purely individuals, but also receptacles of genetic memories. Imagine a set of nesting dolls where the large outer shell is the newest incarnation containing your personal history, memory, and personality. Imbedded within are your parents, their parents, and their parents. Also resident are traces of traumatic events. The facts and stories may be lost, but the effects echo for many, many generations.

The outer layer of personal identity struggles with problems, fears, and difficult relationships. Beyond your personal history, ask the question, “Who is there with me when I feel this way?” The answer is difficult to discover by talking or thinking. With courage and focus, it can be felt in the stillness and silence of the Constellation.

Ghost in Your GenesOnce the nested individuals are perceived and their stories are felt in the body, the problems they were causing relax, release, and slowly dissolve. Freed from the burden of theGhost in Your Genes, the outer layer of personal identity moves towards positive resolution.

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